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September 4, 2022
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Benita Williams

Benita Williams Enterprises LLC, was established in 2016 by CEO and lead consultant Benita Williams. Benita's expertise stems over 20+ years in the nonprofit sector. Oftentimes high achievers hit the wall or reach their breaking point - all of which Benita experienced personally. Through this experience, came her mission to help others overcome chronic stress and burnout while still excelling at high levels, both personally and professionally.

Benita's flagship program, Restination, offers time and productivity management solutions to help company executives implement strategies, systems and structures to cultivate proficiency and efficiency within the workplace, and furthermore, reduce leadership burnout and management fatigue while increasing high-level performance. As The Self-Care Surgeon and expert, Benita, believes self-management is essential to peak performance.

Benita offers corporate self-leadership trainings and wellness retreats designed to help companies, executive teams, and leaders with enhanced wellness solutions in order to stay competitive and gain buy-in from top level executives; so, that management can quickly recharge throughout the workday and increase their productivity and efficiency while reducing voluntary absenteeism. Corporate training topics include:

5 Levels of Self-Leadership

Effective Time Management: Identifying and Correcting Time Wasters in the Workspace

The Impact of Time Management and Caused of Stress in the Workplace

Leading from Within: How Leaders' Well-Being Impacts Their Ability to Influence Others

Some of our clients include top level executives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, financial industries, healthcare industries, and education, to include:

If your company is interested in wellness trainings or retreats, send a request with the group size and proposed date to: and our team will promptly respond. Thank you!