Benita Williams, CEO

 "I sell time to busy, professional women."

Are you unmotivated to get important things done?

  1. ✔ You feel you have to cram 48 hours of work into a 24 hour day
  2. ✔ You feel you are missing out on precious moments with your children
  3. ✔ You feel under-accomplished and personally unfulfilled

Just like Oprah, we all have 24 hours in a day but not all of us have achieved
the time freedom like Oprah — so how is she able to do it?

The answer is simple; it's how well you manage your time that makes all the difference.

Time and productivity management is what I THRIVE at. Let's work together to help add more time back into your day!


According to SOURCE, 42% of affluent women report that they are frequently stressed

Are you managing your time effectively?


What will I achieve through
working with Benita?

  1. ✔  Time Management Solutions
  2. ✔ Prioritization Systems
  3. ✔ Personal Management Strategies
  1. ✔ Manifestation Techniques
  2. ✔ Private 1-on-1 Consulting
  3. ✔ Training, Workshops and Retreats

What I do is I come in and help busy professional women create new strategies, structures, and systems, so that you properly align your day and what ends up happening is you have more free time in a day to get stuff done and checked off of your mental to do list.

What this means is you now have time to take those long walks, fully engage with your children's activities without watching the clock, and finally finally have the time you deserve—without feeling guilty about it.

Work 1-on-1 with Benita

Benita's expertise helps busy professional women get their time back.
Powerful women leaders work with Benita because she normalizes adding free time into their day.

  • Top International Bestselling Author
  • Proven Track Record + Tons of Successful Client Testimonials!
  • Serial Entrepreneur, Trusted Expert Advisor

REAL results in WEEKS!

"In the first few WEEKS, yes WEEKS of working with Coach Benita and her team, she helped me TRIPLE the income for one of my programs, blow past my self-imposed limitations, and gain the clarity I need to SUSTAIN SUCCESS! I'm seeing CRAZY RESULTS!!!"

Sirena Moore-Thomas CEO, Author, Speaker Top 40 under 40 Black Enterprise Cover, NY Times

"Benita, It has been great working with you! Thank you for your support and encouragement in my endeavors. Your recommendations and suggestions have made a great impact on my latest endeavor. Your friend and Business Associate."

Shana Ayscue, Executive Director, DAC,

"Benita Williams is such an awesome woman of God! I was recently at a crossroad about starting a business, I really didn’t know what I should do, but I worked with Benita and she guided me with Godly wisdom that helped push me to operate and walk in my faith concerning pushing forward with my business idea. She is an awesome author, businesswoman, motivational speaker, friend, and sister in Christ!"

Felicia Williams, Owner, Silver Bloom Beauty

Habit Hacks to Add More Time to Your Day
Get quick hacks you can do today to free up more time.