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"Benita carries a wealth of knowledge and experience within her on this entire subject of Burnout within the workplace. Even greater, is her genuine desire to see her clients truly come to a place of healthy balance in their careers and lives.On two occasions, Benita facilities sessions on Burnout Recovery on our behalf and participants sang her praises on how eye-opening and transformative the experience was."

Safiya Johnson, CEO
Safiya Group, Trinidad & Tobago

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"Benita's approach to personal care was transformational for me. I was able to begin implementing several of the techniques presented immediately which in turn has helped me professionally. Now, I am able to assess my mental stamina throughout the day and use the strategies to refocus and produce. Thank you, Benita!"

Dr. Tomekia Watson, CEO, High Yield Innovations LLC.

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"All I can say is life-changing!!! When I started my coaching journey with Benita Williams, I was stuck in a self-sabotaging cycle. After three months with the Great “Dr.” Benita Williams, my businesses are flourishing and my whole life is aligned for success."

Tasha Ewell, CEO, ORDER Co.

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"In the first few WEEKS, yes WEEKS of working with Coach Benita and her team, she helped me TRIPLE the income for one of my programs, blow past my self-imposed limitations, and gain the clarity I need to SUSTAIN SUCCESS! I'm seeing CRAZY RESULTS!!!"

Sirena Moore-Thomas CEO, Author, Speaker Top 40 under 40 Black Enterprise Cover, NY Times

"I help women leaders who feel drained revive so that they can thrive in purpose."
- Benita Williams
-Benita Williams

Meet Benita

Coach Benita has an impeccable work ethic that allows her to run a successful business, write and publish best-selling books, be present with her family and friends (she has breakfast with her husband every morning) and truly enjoy life on her own terms.

"Time freedom is the new luxury."

After a successful 20+ years as a non-profit executive, she is now bringing her expertise to a niche group of business professionals and high achievers who want to achieve "all the wins" including time freedom and personal fulfillment in life, family and work.

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"You don't get paid for the hour;
you get paid for the
value you bring to the hour." — Jim Rohn

Ask Me Anything

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

Where do I meet Coach Benita for coaching?


Meetings are usually held via Zoom. You will be provided with a private link for all of your scheduled meeting times. VIP days can be held virtually or in person.

How do I work with Coach Benita?


You can apply to work with Coach Benita through her website Benita Williams | Self-Care Strategist. You will select an appointment date and fill out a brief questionnaire prior to meeting with Coach Benita. During the meeting you will explain in more detail the areas in which you would like to address, and Coach Benita will determine if she can help you resolve the issues.

If this is a good fit, she will invite you to work with her for a period of time (to be determined). If it is not a good fit, Coach Benita will provide appropriate recommendations. Coach Benita works with a select number of exclusive coaching clients so that priority is given to her clients.

Are retreats included in the coaching program?


Yes. The Quarterly Coaching option comes with a mini retreat (3 days, 2 nights). The Yearly Coaching option includes a Luxury Restination Retreat (5 days, 4 nights).

What can I expect when working with Coach Benita?


You can expect to get results. Coach Benita is committed to helping you get results through accountability, authenticity, and action. Coach Benita has over 20 years’ experience in executive leadership, personal management, and professional development.

After 23 years in executive leadership, she pivoted into entrepreneurship where she loves helping her clients get the results they desire.In the beginning of your coaching journey, you will create your accountability statement. This will be the agreement you will make with yourself, and Coach Benita will remind you of it throughout the coaching program so that you can remain focused on the desired outcomes. You will also sign a Memorandum of Agreement which serves as a coaching agreement between Coach Benita and the client.

What kind of support does Coach Benita provide?


Coach Benita offers 2 90 -minute coaching sessions per month. Clients who need additional sessions may apply to work with Coach Benita in her yearly program which offers access to additional private coaching sessions as needed.

How long do I work with Coach Benita?


Coaching programs vary depending on the result you desire. There are 4 areas of wellness (think about the 4 agreements) Coach Benita works with clients to align. These areas are: Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual.

Typical coaching programs are offered quarterly (every three months) however you can choose to work with Coach Benita for a year if all 4 areas need to be addressed.For VIP days you will have two 4-hour sessions on different days (to be determine) with email follow-up.

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