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did you know...


of affluent individuals report that they are stressed (The Source)


of employees experienced burnout symptoms in 2020 (Forbes)


of senior leaders in 2021, reported feeling burnout to some degree (The Wallstreet Journal)

Meet Benita

For over 20 years, Benita has worked to increase efficiency and effectiveness for non-profit organizations and executive leaders.

Now she is bringing her expertise to a niche group of business professionals and high achievers who want to achieve "all the wins" including time freedom and personal fulfillment in life, family and work.

"Time freedom is the new luxury."

Coach Benita, has an impeccable work ethic that allows her to run a successful business, write and publish best-selling books (, be present with her family and friends, (she has breakfast with her husband every morning) and truly enjoy life on her own terms.

Are you curious to find out if you are leaving time and money on the table?

Would you really like to find out your greatest time-wasters in your life?

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"I sell time to
busy professional women."
-Benita Williams

Command Your Day

 I am an expert coach and strategist who helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs buy back their time by creating strategies, systems, and structures so that you have more:

  • Value - Being more valuable quantum leaps your earnings
  • Efficiency - Being more efficient helps you earn more in less time
  • Achievement - Being more impactful gives you greater fulfillment
I'll Show You Now

"You don't get paid for the hour;
you get paid for the
value you bring to the hour." — Jim Rohn


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What You'll Achieve

You will have the opportunity to work with a professional coach who specializes in self-leadership strategies for busy professionals. Benita's unique coaching approach will help you quickly discern your values and priorities so you can achieve your goals with confidence and certainty.

  • Increase in value
  • Quantum leaps in earnings
  • Reduced work schedules
  • Business efficiency
  • Eliminate stress
  • Daily regiment for well-being
  • More command of your day
  • Personal fulfillment
  • Time to do passion projects
  • Time to work on bucket lists
  • More self-confidence
  • True time freedom

Exclusive Coaching

I'll show you proven self-care strategies purpose-built for your lifestyle

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Online Courses

Enroll in guided online courses for self-care regiments and high-performance hacks

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Corporate Trainings & Retreats

Ready to transform your organization by increasing the retention rate of top executives? Say no more.

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Coach Benita will help you set concrete goals and plans so that your life can become a life of purpose, not just a series of events. You'll gain skills that will last a lifetime because they are focused on long term changes to your freedom and fulfillment.

A Sense of Calm

Working with a coach offers some relief from the constant pressure of being a top performer who is expected to always produce at your best.

Coaching helps build skills in areas that are difficult to master on your own, like time management, networking, strategic thinking, goal setting, emotional intelligence, decision-making or just managing your energy levels.

You'll also have someone to call for advice when making tough decisions that will affect your career path or personal life in a big way - someone who can offer a fresh perspective and unbiased opinion. Working with Coach Benita is the right next step.

See Real Results Today

All I can say is life-changing!!! When I started my coaching journey with Benita Williams, I was stuck in a self-sabotaging cycle. After three months with the Great “Dr.” Benita Williams, my businesses are flourishing and my whole life is aligned for success.
Tasha Ewell, CEO, ORDER Co.

"Benita's approach to personal care was transformational for me. I was able to begin implementing several of the techniques presented immediately which in turn has helped me professionally. Now, I am able to assess my mental stamina throughout the day and use the strategies to refocus and produce. Thank you, Benita!"
Dr. Tomekia Watson, CEO, High Yield Innovations LLC.

"In the first few WEEKS, yes WEEKS of working with Coach Benita and her team, she helped me TRIPLE the income for one of my programs, blow past my self-imposed limitations, and gain the clarity I need to SUSTAIN SUCCESS! I'm seeing CRAZY RESULTS!!!"
Sirena Moore-Thomas CEO, Author, Speaker Top 40 under 40 Black Enterprise Cover, NY Times

"Benita carries a wealth of knowledge and experience within her on this entire subject of Burnout within the workplace. Even greater, is her genuine desire to see her clients truly come to a place of healthy balance in their careers and lives. On two occasions, Benita facilitated sessions on Burnout Recovery on our behalf and participants sang her praises on how eye-opening and transformative the experience was."
Safiya Johnson, CEO
Safiya Group, Trinidad & Tobago

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